Remote Skype Online Voice Over Acting Classes

Remote Skype online voice over acting classes and training

Whether you live in Texas, California, New York, East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West or the South, voice over coaches and voice over teachers that can train an actor to achieve his or her best are scarce. We can help.

Voice over acting is different from stage, screen and camera acting. So all the excellent stage and acting coaches around the country are limited in their ability to teach the dedicated voice over actor.

Voice over coaching and voice acting skills can be taught online, using camera and voice technologies such as Skype. With good bandwidth (we have redundant internet connections with excess bandwidth) audio can be transmitted and clearly received. Five hundred, a thousand, even a fifteen hundred miles away, an actor can be heard clearly and with all the nuances put into their acting performance by an voice over coach online.

Let’s talk. Give us a call at 214.599.9991. We look forward to helping you hone your skills and succeed as a voice actor.