Kid’s Anime Voice Over Classes

Kids Voice Over Classes with Marissa Lenti

2016 Classes are Filling Fast| KIDS!

Voice Acting for Child Actors

Classes Start Jan 9 | 10-week Session | Saturdays 1-3p
Winter 2016 Session VO Classes are Filling Fast| KIDS!
January – March 2016


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Children Teen and Kid's Voice Over Acting Classes to Learn Anime Film Work




What is Voice over?

What is voice over? Is it just reading words on a page? Nope. It’s Method acting. I can get the bag lady in the parking lot to read words on a page for me. I’m looking for something more and I teach it in my voice over lessons.

Learn How to …
• Be a character, not a voice
• Understand structure & thematic statement
• Build emotional subtext
• Engage, involve and hold the listener
• Visualize and construct a rich scene
• Create a compelling performance

Voice acting. Now you might say acting is acting. Film. Stage. Video. But it’s a little different in a soundproof isolation booth. We’re working with a lot of layers here, like text and subtext which yields emotional color, plot development, character development, pacing, energy,

Oral interpretation. That’s the real work. Filtering the words on the page through your catalogue of personal experience (your psyche) then down into your pool of emotion (all the feelings you’ve felt in your life and coming up with something that grabs the listener. Something compelling. It could be comedy or drama. It could be dramedy.

That’s not a recording booth, it’s a scene.
That’s not a microphone, it’s someone’s ear.
– Bruce Carey

Same with voice over. Voices Carey teaches The Voices Carey Method, which focuses on the actor inside, not the voice outside. It’s not about manipulating your voice. It’s not about words on a page. These are the external things. It’s about the internal world you are creating. It’s about being in a scene and filtering someone else’s words through your own experience and emotions and sending it out the old pie hole spun with your particular feelings and point of view.

Voice Over Demos
We produce national-quality Voice over demos in all categories. Commercial, Narration, Promo, Political, On-hold messages, Storecasting, Anime, Automotive, Character, Audio Books, etc. We do this a little differently than everyone else. We cull and write copy to fit your unique character. Then we record, produce and direct the demo session.

Our demos clearly establish your voiceprint. We also show your range within the spectrum of your voiceprint. So, it’s easy for a creative director or producer to see, “Oh, he’s good at sarcasm,” or “She got heart and compassion.” This is very important in getting you bookings. And we’ll stack ours up against theirs any day of the week.

We believe a demo should be cinematic, like an action movie. Engaging and thrilling. It should engage you in Act I and thrill you to the end of Act III.

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